Coming Soon

Great news! There are lots of new things in the works. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Interview: The Penumbra Podcast

I imagine it’s pretty understood by now that I’m a huge fan of podcasts, but this particular podcast is my all-time favorite. Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert have recently closed the first season of this outstanding series.On November 21, we’ll meet to talk about the importance of representation, works that influenced the series, and more.

Interview: David Marley

A professor by day and comedian by night, Dr. David Marley has dedicated his life to American history and Disney’s Jungle Cruise. This year, he readies the perfect combination of all of these things in the form of Skipper Stories: True Tales of Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Through this book, anyone can learn about approximately fifty years’ worth of pranks, all orchestrated by Jungle Cruise skippers.

Guest Writer: Meghan Bayer

A taekwondo instructor and personal victim of CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), Meghan Bayer will crush any obstacle with sheer determination, positivity, and focused will. She is also a talented writer, and runs a blog of her own. Called The CRPS Ninja Chronicles, it serves as a way for Meghan to generate awareness for the condition and provide insight for others who may be experiencing it. While she will provide a look into CRPS, influential writers, and her own experiences with writing for readers of The Written World, I also recommend looking into her own blog.

The Natural Navigator: The Rediscovered Art of Letting Nature Be Your Guide
Tristan Gooley

Though they go largely unnoticed, the effects of our sun on the land, the movement of the stars, and other natural phenomena leave us with clues that tell us more about the place we inhabit. By explaining ancient techniques and the reading of environmental cues, Gooley both connects us with travelers throughout history and teaches us how to orient ourselves, wherever we may be.

How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything
Rosa Brooks

Why does the United States spend so much on an institution that its citizens know little to nothing of, when it really matters? How does the increasing importance of the military affect our culture? What will war look like in the future?

Brooks explains all of this with historical trends and detailed insight from her time at the Pentagon. Through this book, she offers a way for the average civilian to understand a bit more about the new face of militarization.

Murder on the Orient Express
Agatha Christie

After all of that nonfiction, here comes a fun one. While it’s a very popular and well-known book, I actually haven’t read this before. Murder mysteries sound like fun, but I’m actually not very familiar with them.

The famed Hercule Poirot, a skilled Belgian detective, sets out for London from Istanbul after receiving an urgent telegram. Though he expects his next case to be at the coming destination, it appears, instead, in the form of a murder on the very train he boards. Now, he must sort through each passenger’s (sometimes conflicting) stories until he finds the culprit.



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